Slate for Windows 10


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Drawing is one such act which brings out the real artist in you. This app is maintly to those who wants to put their imaginations on SLATE. It is a free hand darwing app, where different shades of colors are availabe. To facilitate begineres (or kids) drawing videos are aslo made availabe, here you can learn and draw cute images.One more interesting feature present in "SLATE" is drawing by connecting the dots, here the outling of an image is represented by dots which are numbered(by numberes or alphabets),what one should do is follow the numbers or alphabets join the dots and reaveal the picture by yourself. An useful feature of SLATE is Erasing. If any mistaken hapens while dreawing, you no need to cleare entire image and draw from the begining.You can erase that particular area and continue drawing.Happy Drawing..:-)

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